Multiple versions on FlexLM server

Multiple versions on FlexLM server

Customer asks. I need version 11.1 and 12.1 Fortran compiler versions.

What issues do we have to worry about if we want licenses for two versions of this software served off the same FlexLM server?


Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution

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Hello Dave A.,

12.1 licenses are valid for earlier versions of the compiler, so if the customer has enough 12.1 licenses they can just put those on the server. I'll look into potential issues with having both 12.1 and 11.1 licenses on the same server further.


We don't license by version, just by support end date. No problem with having multiple licenses served - the server will combine the licenses as appropriate. There is a section in the Intel License Manager User Guide on this topic.

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Hi Steve,I understand the support end date thing, I think though that the end user was asking can both versions co-exist on the Flexlm server because both revisions are required.And I believe your answer is yes they can.I'll try and locate that section you mention in the LM user guide.thank you.....Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution.

Yes, they can - the licenses do not have version numbers encoded so they really don't care. As long as a license for the Fortran "feature" (FcompW) can be checked out, it doesn't matter what the version is. See How to Combine License Files.

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This is an old thread, so I don't know how this has changed with for the newest compilers and licenses.

I am having trouble configuring FlexLM to work for both the Intel 16 and 17 compilers. Somehow, the license only seems to work for either compiler (i.e. the old one for 16 and the new one for 17 but when using both at the same time one will override the other). I have other licenses for older versions of the compiler which seem to run just fine in any case.

What am I missing?




Please make sure you updated the license server.  This tutorial provided a step by step guide on setting up license servers etc correctly:

Let me know if you need further help with any of the steps in setup.


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