Questions about licensing and platforms

Questions about licensing and platforms


for some reason the sales department pointed me to this forum with my questions:

it possible to use the Windows verison of the compiler to compile executables
that run on Linux machines?

floating licenses and usage together with Visual Studio: does one use a
floating license only when the compiler is running when using the compiler in
Visual Studio, or the whole session when you have opened a fortran project in
Visual Studio, or something else (perhaps the license is used from the first
time you compile inside VS until you close the program/open a new project?)?

you check out the floating licenses for use on a computer outside the network
for some period of time?

Best regards,


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Dear Andreas,

Here are the answers on your questions.

1. No, you should use the Linux version of the compiler for this.
2. Our compiler checkout license each time when it is invoked, and return the license when it exit, i.e. it happens during the build. License is returned immediately whenthe compiler finished its work.
3. Yes, it is possible. You can use the BORROW feature to do it.


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