Change Host ID in license / Access for Premier support

Change Host ID in license / Access for Premier support


I have 2 problems with the product registration for Intel C++ Composer XE for Linux

1) How to change the Host-ID of the node-lockedlicense
When registering the product, I didn't see any hint that the license will be restricted to the usage on thisPC. Searching the FAQ I found an article on how to change the Host-ID after registration:

This information is not correct, other people are having the same problems (without any answer):

So how can I change my license to use another host? (by the way the hostto run the intel compilerhas no browserfor registration or anything else).

2) Access to Intel Premier Support
The FAQ states that:
"Every purchase of an Intel Software Development Product includes a year of support services, which provides access to Intel Premier Support."
But my Intel Registration Center account is not working to login to the Premier Support.

To activate Premier Support, the FAQ says to re-register:
"If you have registered, but you did not select the free technical support, return to the Intel Registration Center, log-in, re-register the same serial number and your email address in the Register a Product box, and choose Support Account link on the Serial Number Information page."

I cannot seeany option during registration process, the page after entering the serial number offers only download options.

Best regards,

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Dear Alexander,

There are sevaral possible reasons why you can't modify the host id.

One of the reasons it that your support is expired. However, I checked licenses registered by you.

It is the only one Intel C++ Composer XE for Linux* license, which is Single User license, not Floating. So, you can't use it with the license manager and it doesn't have host id.

By the way, the thread you mentioned was answered, but it was made private as far as the private data was published in the answer, so, you just don't see the replies.

If you have registered your Intel Software Development Product, your registration log-in should apply to the Intel Premier Support as well. I will check it.



Hello Igor,

thank you for your help.

The generated license file for "Intel C++ Composer XE for Linux"includes a section "HOSTID= ......" so I anticipated that this license won't work on another machine.
Even if it would work technically, I'm not sure if that license usage would be legal then. That's why I wanted to change the registered HOSTID.
How should I proceed to use thelicense on another computer than the one I used for product registration?

Regarding the Premier Support access, I'm waiting for your investigation result.
What happens if I try to login to Premier Support:

Redirect to
"We were unable to authenticate your access to the Intel Premier Support web site."


What happened to your investigations and the licensing question?


Dear Alexander,

You don't need to modify the license file and the HOSTID. You can use this license and install the product on any machine- note that it is a Single-User license and refer to the license agreement for more details about the usage of the product with this type of license.


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