problems during install w_fcompxe_2011.7.258.exe

problems during install w_fcompxe_2011.7.258.exe


today i was trying to install w_fcompxe_2011.7.258.exe on a fresh win 7 64bit installation. The following message has been displayed.

Any idea?

I tried 3 differend downloads. Every time the same problem.

Thanks in advance

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For some reason, the image you inlined is not displaying for me. Please attach it instead.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

i hope the way is working


Ok, that worked. The usual tips on this are:

1) Delete the copy you downloaded and clear your browser cache.
2) On the download page, there are two options, one for a direct download and one for using a download manager - select the one different from the one you used before.

I am going to move this thread to the Download, Licensing and Registration forum section as the folks there deal with these issues more than I do.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

the problem is solved based on your tips.


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