Using Multiple accounts to support a pool of licenses

Using Multiple accounts to support a pool of licenses

We are preparing to register/install licenses for some intel software products and would like to have multiple people with the authority to submit issues, get updates, etc. from one pool of licenses. We know that a single account could be created and shared amongst groups, but would like to have each support person responsible for their own accounts. Is there a way to do this?

I know of two other pieces of software that allow for linking multiple accounts to a single support contract. Does Intel provide for this feature.


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It depends on the type of license. If you have floating licenses, multiple users can register the license and are given "Developer" roles and can all submit issues. I believe the first person to register theserial number will be assigned the administrator role.Ifit isa single user license, only only one account can register the license and submit issues. There is no way for single user licenses to be registered by multiple users.

Please let me know if this answers your question or if there is additional information that I can provide.


Thanks, Jackson! This looks like it answers my question. It is good to know tht we can do what we need. my big question is "how." If I understand you correctly, the first person to register the licenses becomes the "admin", but others can also register (using the same serial numbers) and become "developers". Is it as simple as that? (I'm asking before trying out because I don't want to screw up the licenses, where no one can access them)

What is the difference (in terms of functions and priveleges on the support site) between admin and developer?


There was an important piece of information missing. We attempted to do this and it said the two users were not in the same e-mail domain. Now we're stuck. None of the support people share the same domain, and the initial person to register these is stuck.

Please advise.


It is correct that all registered users of a floating license need to be in the same email domain. I will take this thread private to get more information from you.

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