amplifier license file expired?

amplifier license file expired?

The support period for your license has expired. To use this product, you may need to purchase a renewal license to extend your support.

I downloaded the recent release of Amplifier. However, The license file(s) you provided is not valid for this product.

Would someone like to tell me how to renew the license file?

Thanks a lot!

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Maybe the reason is as follows:
First, I ever installed Amplifier update1, but it didn't work when I removed all the *.lic files.
Second, my platform is FC9 with kernel 2.6.25, howerer, I updated the kernel to 2.6.34, it still did not work.
Any one response me?
How can i renew my license file?

Dear customer,

I found that your license (it is a NCOM - non-commercial license) expired on 10/10/2011.

You can't purchase a renewal for NCOM license - you need to go to the non-commercial software website and register again for your non-commercial product.

Also note, that we have a useful tool which should help to resolve your issues with Download, Registration and Licensing.

Please go to

and run the Guide Me tool. E.g., the answer on your question can be found in Guide Me -> I need information on licensing issues -> I want to renew my license.


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