Recovering Fortran Licenses

Recovering Fortran Licenses

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Hi Steve,

My name is eric teng, from lr. We have bought alicense long time ago,someone in our company may have used the license or renewed it, so now I have three serial keys (one may be the original one, and the other two are renewed ones), now it is hard for me to find one who has used it as the company is moving, I have tried all of them, it doesn't work. Could you please help me to find out what the right procedure to get the license back?

Could you please reply to my company's email, or give me a call: 1-902-425-5101 ext 244, so I could give the key number.

thank you very much.

I have got a clear anwser from intel (ganesh kittur). thank you. case closed.

Eric, thanks for the chat and was a pleasure to know you're very clear on what the next steps are. If you still have any further issues you can contact me again so we can address any further issues accordingly, appreciate much.


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