How can I get the serial number of an old release?

How can I get the serial number of an old release?

Dear sirs,I would like to know how I can get the serial number of the intel fortran compiler 10.0.I have donwload and installed the newest intel fortran release but I can only compile a third party software using intel 10.0.However, I don't know how I can download that release since I don't have its serial number which is required according to the instructions of you provide me any help?Thank you very much.Best regards,Carlos.

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Once you have registered a product you don't need a serial number for downloading older versions. Follow the steps described in the mentioned article (whithout registration). When installing 10.0on the same computer you don't need a serial number/license file; just chose installation option 'Use existing license/activation". If you want to install 10.0 on a new computer you need the serial number.This article describes how tofind the serial number: .
I hope this helps.

Thanks Hubert for your answer.
However, I cannot proceed as you suggest since I don't know how to download the intel fortran compiler 10.0 product.I login into the intel interface but I don't see thelist of all products I have subscribed.There is a message instead:No Products found! If you haven't registered your products, please register.I try to register the serial number of the intel fortran composer XE for linux that I have received by mail, but I get the following error:
We have experienced a critical system error.

A notice has been automatically generated to alert our staff. We will address this condition as soon as possible. Please try again later, after we have had some time to make repairs.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we resolve this issue.
For Licensing and Registration helpI tried in the last three days without success, any help?Any other way to download the software.Thanks.Carlos.

Clear now... it was a browser thing...Please be aware of this Chrome users: the intel interface doesn't work well at all with this internet browser!Fine with firefox.Thanks.

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