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IDE Question

Hello, We are a research group who decided to purchase Intel Composer XE (Windows). We are not interested in aquiring a separate IDE/source code editor for this, and we want to use the one provided by you, Microsoft* Visual Studio 2010 Shell*,since that would be enough for our needs; however I am a bit confused about the product that we will recieve, for the following reasons: 1. In your product brief you state that "For developers using Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows, the Microsoft* Visual Studio 2010 Shell* is also included.". Since Intel Composer XE (Windows)includes Intel Visual Fortran Composer XEdoes that mean that when aquiring Intel Composer XE (Windows)we will get Microsoft* Visual Studio 2010 Shell*? 2. In the evaluation section, for Intel Composer XE (Windows)you state that "If, at the end of evaluation, you choose to purchase Intel Composer XE 2011 for Windows, you must also purchase a license for a supported Microsoft development product if you do not already have one."<---- WHY?. If we get the Microsoft* Visual Studio 2010 Shell*, isn't that enough to start the development process - that is, to have the C++ compiler and the other products that you provide integrated with VS2010 shell? Because "Intel Composer XE products for Windows integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005, 2008 and 2010. This means all parts of Intel Composer XE Intel C++, Intel Fortran and the Performance Libraries are usable through Visual Studio." I repeat: we want that after buyingIntel Composer XE (Windows)to be able to use the products (and write our code) without additional spendings. Is this possible? I would really appreciate a good clarification of these subjects.

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Dear customer,

We provide Visual Studio 2010 Shell only for Fortran Composer XE package. You are right, Composer XE package includes Fortran Composer XE and C++ Composer XE, however, you will be able to download and install these products as a separate packages. So, the VS2010 Shell will be installed with Fortran Composer XE package, but C++ Composer XE will be NOT integrated to this version of VS (it is a special edition with some limitation and works with Fortran only) during the installation.

If you have a license for the Fortran Composer XE (or Composer XE), you don't need extra license for VS2010 Shell.

You need it only if you want to use other version of VS (e.g., 2008 Pro, 2010 Ultimate etc.) and it makes sense if you are going to use a C++ compiler (again VS2010 Shell supports only Fortran).



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