Is serial number somewhere on CD

Is serial number somewhere on CD

I have a customer who has lost their serial number to their CD version of Fortran. They've also misplaced the CD cover that might have had the serial number on it.Is there a file with the serial number in it on the CD that they could use?Thanks...Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution

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Hi Dave,
I am awaiting a response from my peer group to your question, so please stay tuned.
Also, I am assuming your customer hasn't registered yet and would like to know the SN, correct?
If they have already registered, the customer can always logon to the Intel Registration Center and find
out all of their subscriptions.

Hi Dave,

OK, I confirmed with the peer group that there is no serial number on the CD. A CD without the serial number will default to evaluations apparently.

So, this issue needs to be resolved by the reseller.


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