Wrong serial number?

Wrong serial number?

I was trying to download the Intel Software Development Suite for Windows, so that I can use Fortran to run subroutines in Abaqus. This was the listing for the purchase --
"Intel Software Development Suite Student Edition for Windows
Intel C++ Compiler for Windows
Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows
Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) for Windows
Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL) for Windows
Intel VTune Performance Analyzer with Intel Thread Profiler for Windows
Intel Thread Checker for Windows
Intel Threading Building Blocks for Windows
Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector for Windows
Intel MPI Library for Windows
Part Number Edition Contents MSRP Our Price Order
EDU999WSSE1 Student License, Electronic Download 139.00 139.00"

I purchased that and received a serial number. I was told to register the serial number on the intel website, which I did. I then received an email from Intel with a link to download the software. It told me to select the product to download. These were my options to download --
"Select product:

Intel Parallel Advisor

Intel Cluster Toolkit for Windows*

Intel MPI Library for Windows*

Intel Parallel Studio XE for Windows* (all tools)

Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector for Windows*"
I'm very confused because these seem like they are different products. Am I mistaken? I don't see anything that looks like it is called the "Software Development Suite" or anything that mentions the compilers I need. Was I given the wrong serial number? Any input as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated!

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Click on the link for Intel
Parallel Studio XE for Windows* (all tools). the tools you seek should be there.

- Rob

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