Need to get Fortran running

Need to get Fortran running

I need to get Fortran going again.

Around 2000 I stopped development in Fortran because my university duties changed. At that time I used the Visual Compaq Fortran. In 2009 I expected to be able to continue again and purchased the Intel Fortran hoping to get the latest and a compatible Fortran version. Unfortunately, before I even had installed Fortran completely other work distracted me again. I was never able to run that Fortran in my office computer and to take advantage of the free consulting provided by Intel (I think it was 30 days).

Now, in yet another phase, I would like to run Fortran on my home office computer. I seem to have a partial installation, but as before, I am not getting it running.

Any advice how to get the Intel Fortran (version 11.0.061) running on my home computer would be appreciated. Perhaps there is a problem with registration.

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Before any suggestions can be made, we need to see more details as to what steps you tried, and what errors occurred, which OS is running on your present computer and details on the computer hardware (CPU, RAM, free disk space).

"I am not getting it running" is too vague to diagnose.

Thanks for responding. Here are the data:

Windows 7

Intel Xeon CPU; X5670@2.93Ghz 2.93 GHz (2 processors)

Installed memory (RAM) 12.0GB

System Type: 64-bit Operating System

Disk capacity: 921GB

Free space: 596GB

When I installed it on my home computer and tried to register, I believe I got th emessage "already registered". In 2009 I might have registered although I could not get it running at that time either, probably in part because I then had to do other things.
I found a note on the Intel site that a single user licence would allow the running on multiple computers, although not at the same time. Since I will be running Fortran only at home, that would not be a constraint for me.


I can help you with this issue, but I need to know your serial number. Please post your serial number in a private response.


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