Question about Coretemp.c driver

Question about Coretemp.c driver

According to the document of the Linux , the coretemp.c should be the driver used to detect the Intel CPU tempearture.

But I have tried it on three different type Intel CPU. It doesn't work at all.

I found the problem might be the MSR can not be read correctly.

The linux versioin from which I get the coretemp.c sourcecode is

The CPU I have tried are: Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz , Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5400 @2.70GHz

Is the linux version too old to be compatible with the new CPU?

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Dear customer,

This is a Download, Registration and Licensing forum. Sorry, but I can't help you with this specific technical question. I suggest you to create a new thread in the different forum.



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