How to make static listening ports

How to make static listening ports

Customer writes:

We have installed the Intel C++ and
Fortran Composer XE 2011 and have successfully got thelicenses to float across all our
host(s). I also configured the firewall to allow the port(s) itslistening on. The only problem is,
when the license host gets rebooted the INTEL listeningdaemon chooses a different port, the
Intel license manager daemon stays the same 28518:

[wgoodman@g2-blsb020 ~]$ sudo
netstat -tpln | grep -i intel

0 0*
LISTEN 4931/

0 0*

But the INTEL daemon (34681) changes every time the system is
rebooted. My question is:Is there a configuration file that I can set this to
be static? Meaning stays the same after reboot?

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks.....Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution

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Hi Dave,

You could specify a particular port number in VENDOR line, like this, in your license file. That will not invalidate your license file. Please let me know if you have further question.

VENDOR INTEL port=1234

Thank you.
Feilong H.
Intel Developer Support

Tools Knowledge Base:

Thank you Feilong, I'll relay to my customer and let you know how they make out.Thanks....Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution.

Worked great...thank you !!!!!Dave A.


I'm glad to hear that. Cheers!


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