How to get floating license server to work with no DNS

How to get floating license server to work with no DNS

We have a problem with our DNS, so the only way to ping a server is using their IP address.
I'm trying to setup a floating seat license server (flex), but Amplifier XE fails to find it (No Valid License error). I have tried using the host name (e.g. MY_SERVER) and the IP address of the server as the server name - but nothing seems to work.

I'm using Windows 7 x 64, and server is on a Windows 7 x32. I can telnet to the IP address of the server at port 28518 (as per the license info), so the port is open and working.

What should I do in this case? What host name should I use for the license server registration, and how do I get Amplifier XE 2011 to see the license server?


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Dear Andrew,

Note that the hostname and MAC address of the server should match corresponding

data in license file, e.g. in your case it is,00505694197E

Please make sure that you set the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable on your client side to

use hostname@port (28518@W10.86.8.223) and verify that you server has a static IP address



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