intel ipp and g729 license

intel ipp and g729 license

Hi, if i have purchased a license of IPP may i distribute/sell an app that uses the g729 speech codec? or should i get a license for such codec from siprolab?thanks

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Yes, you can distribute your application if you have purchased a commercial license of IPP.


Please also pay attention to the IPP license FAQ here:

What are the license terms and/or license fees for using Intel IPP samples?

Intel IPP samples are provided to show how to use Intel IPP functionality. Some of these samples illustrate the use of Intel IPP in implementing functionality defined by industry standards. These samples are not product-feature-complete codec solutions.

When products are built in accordance to industry standards, there is often intellectual-property licensing involved. Such industry standards are international standards promoted by various standards bodies, such as ISO, ITU-T, and other organizations. When companies produce products in accordance with industry standards, they must ensure that they secure the appropriate technology and intellectual property licensing from the standards bodies and other third parties. Intel IPP material provides pointers to the standards bodies. Industry-standard licensing is not provided as part of Intel IPP, nor is it provided with these example illustrations.


So to answer the OP's question then, yes his commercial license means that he can distribute his IPP-using application that uses the G.729 codec, but also yes, he (or the end user) will need to pay e.g. Sipro for a license to use the G.729 patent IP in a commercial setting, as this isn't covered by the IPP license.Is that correct?

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