How to Keep Software Up-To-Date?

How to Keep Software Up-To-Date?

I currently have Intel Parallel Studio XE for Linux All Tools (v2011 Update 2) installed and was wondering what is the correct procedure to keep this product up-to-date?

Intel Parallel Studio XE for Linux was released on February 22, 2012. Since that time, several product included with Intel Parallel Studio XE have been updated including C++, Fortran, Inspector, IPP, MKL,TBB, and Vtune. Here are my questions:

1. Why is Intel Parallel Studio XE for Linux All Tools not updated to include the latest updates? When does Intel plan on releasing an update to this product to include all the latest components?

2. Are user who have this product installed suppose to update each component individually or wait for an update to Intel Parallel Studio XE for Linux All Tools to be released?

3. Why has the Intel download website started posting actual file names for some products instead of the more descriptive names used in previous updates? A good example of this change is how the current Integrated Performance Primitives for Linux latest update (7.319) is listed as compare to the previous update (6.293).

4. During a previous install of individual components, I noticed that the Intel Inspector XE 2011 Update 9 did not include a C shell script for setting the PATH and MANPATH variables as is usually included in other products. What was the reason for this omission?







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I'm investigating your request and I'll come back to you soon.


I can understand your request. For a user it's not easy to catch up with all components updates.

Ad 1) The reason why we provide individual releases of components is to keep the organizational effort low and provide the users always with the latest tools. A full product release of the Intel Parallel Studio XE whenever a component is being updated would be not feasable and delay the release. I don't have information about the nextParallel Studio XE 2011 update release.

Ad 2) It's recommended to install every update of component whenever one is released. As registered user you will receive email notifications about all respective component releases. Just follow the links given in that notification email to download the update.

Ad 3) The changes have be done upon requests from customers.

Ad 4) I'll check. I don't have information why csh scripts are not provided with the Inspector XE (as well as with VTune Amplifier XE). Do you have an issue with running the .sh scripts?

The easeast why to keep the overview of actual releases is to login to the Intel Registration Center at and look at the registered products. Under the 'Product Subscription Information' column you will see all registered products with all included components. If you wish to see also expired (support-wise) products, please check the 'Show Expired Regsitrations' checkbox on that page. The 'Download Latest Update/Release Posted' columns show all actual product versions. So you can compare with the listing if you have installed all actual products/components and if required just download an actual component.

Did you notice the Parallel Studio XE 2013 Beta announcment at ?

You will see some improvment about product/license management that will solve the issue 1)...3) in the future.

I hope this helps.


Hubert,Thanks for the reply. I do not understand your response to question #3 "The changes have be done upon requests from customers." The problem does not exist on the major components such as C++ and Fortran. In previous releases you were consistent across all your Parallel Studio XEproducts. It looks like someone was in a hurry and forgot to follow the previous standard. As for #4, I would expect all theParallel Studio XE products to have both sh and csh scripts again as was the previous standard.Thanks,John

Thanks for clarification on #3). Misunderstood your comment.
Will follow up on #4)

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