Problem: Renewal of Non-Commercial Intel Parallel Studio XE

Problem: Renewal of Non-Commercial Intel Parallel Studio XE

I wanted to update my existing non-commercial Intel Parallel Studio XE for Linux, i.e. from Version 2011 SP1 Update 1 -> Version 2011 SP1 Update 2.
The "Guide Me Tool" tells me, that I have to re-register for a new non-commercial license. I did so but I only get back to my old, expired license (expired on 12 Nov 2011). Hence, I can't update to Parallel Studio XE for Linux Version 2011 SP2.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot,

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Let me clarify. I discovered this too recently.Re-registration sends the same previously registered license file again whithoutupdating the runtime and support expiration date.

Hi Hubert

Thanks a lot!
Do you know what this means? Am I not entitled to renew the available non-commercial license, or does it seem to be a flaw/bug?

Kind regards,

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