Licensing problem with IF 12.1.1: MICFCompW

Licensing problem with IF 12.1.1: MICFCompW

Hi to all,

Ever since we upgraded to 12.1.1 we have started experiencing slow compilations at one of our sites. The licensing debug file indicates that the compiler is looking for a feature called MICFCompW which we do not have and compilation does not proceed until this times out, a process which for one user is requiring 30 seconds for each source file. I would like to disable this feature check since it is clearly something we are not using.

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The compiler should not be looking for a feature by that name. Please update to 12.1.4 (Update 10) and see if the problem persists.

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Hi Steve,

I received an email notice that update 10 was available on May 2nd, but the download link in the email isn't working:

Please log in at and you should be able to get it there.

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I've tried that. It tells me I don't have any products, which is not true. I also got a web page that said "critical system error, our staff will investigate immediately". It is kind of hard to get past that one.

I looked up my serial numbers and tried to register them, just in case I had forgotten to do this previously. When I press the "register" button I get the same page that says "critical system error".

I am moving this thread to our Download, Registration and Licensing forum where specialists will be able to help you.

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