Install Visual fortran Compiler XE12

Install Visual fortran Compiler XE12

I am trying to install fortran compiler XE 12, using a serial number that was previouly used, but not used anymore on that computer, the license is own by the company that I work.
During the installation with the serial number I got an activation code to get an unblock code but I can not getthe unblock code since I got a message that the license is expired.
Does anybody what I could do to solve to complete the installation?

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You may get quicker service on the companion forum about licensing and registration, particularly if you need to change registration to yourself. You should be able to use the liicense code or an actual copy of the .lic file to install compilers which were issued before the expiration date. If the license is registered on, the owner of the account can get a fresh license file copy emailed; if it wasn't registered, you should be able to register it in your own name.

I moved this thread to the licensing forum.

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