License: information collection paranoia

License: information collection paranoia

I work in a quasi-secure area, and my network managers are extremely paranoid. I was trying to get Intel Visual Fortran approved for use on my computer (which is on the network), and the network tester noticed this text in the EULA:

CONSENT. You agree that Intel, its subsidiaries or suppliers may collect and use technical and related information, including but not limited to technical information about your computer, system and application software, and peripherals, that is gathered periodically to ...

They immediately flagged this. The network managers are very paranoid, and don't want any information leaking out that they don't control. If my network tester rejectsIntel Visual Fortran because of this term of the agreement, Intel Visual Fortran will be unuseable throughout my entire organization.

Can I get this portion of the agreement waived?


June 13:
Here is more information. It's a quote (redacted) from the network tester.

"After speaking withxxxxxx about the EULA for this application just this morning. This is indeed a deal breaker for them.

xxxxxxis very sensitive toxxxx system data being collected, and we cannot recommend a certification for this product unless that feature is somehow disabled or that risk is mitigated. My recommendation would be to contact Intel to get further details on what is collected, or further clarification in writing that explains what is collected, how often, etc. "

Unless this gets resolved, Intel Visual products will be off the table for everyone.

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There is actually no data collection feature in the Composer XE 2011 products. We anticipate offering such a feature in a future release, on an "opt-in" basis. Is this sufficient for your needs or do you need something additional?

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Let me take this answer forward and see what happens.

Thanks a lot.



we came along the same issue. We are using Math Kernel Library with the same paragraph in the EULA. We are really concerned.

You can read it in a way that as soon as the machine (where MKL is installed on) is connected to the internet any kind of information from the computer will be transferred to Intel. This is not only done for installation or update reason but at any point in time.

The blog is already more than 1 1/2 years old. Are there any news ? In the meantime there is Composer XE 2013.

What is the status there ? Is Composer XE 2013 collecting data and if yes, is there an option to switch this feature off ?

What about pure MKL ? Is MKL 10.3 collecting data and if yes, is there an option to switch this feature off ?


What is referred to here is the Intel Software Improvement Program.

Information on this program is here:

It is OPTIONAL, and can be disabled.  During installation of the compiler, for example, this is Step 4 of 7 shown below:

Step 4 of 7 | Intel(R) Software Improvement Program
Help improve your experience with Intel(R) software     
Participate in the design of future Intel software. Select 'Yes' to give us
permission to learn about how you use your Intel software and we will do the
    - No personally identifiable information is collected
    - There are no additional follow-up emails by opting in
    - You can stop participating at any time
    Learn more about the Intel(R) Software Improvement Program

With your permission, Intel may automatically receive anonymous information
about how you use your current and future Intel(R) Software Development
1. Yes, I am willing to participate and improve Intel software. (Recommended)
2. No, I don't want to participate in the Intel(R) Software Improvement Program
at this time.

b. Back to the previous menu
q. Quit
Please type a selection:

This requires explicit opt-in or opt-out, there is NO default:

Please type a selection:
Incorrect input, please try again
Please type a selection:

After installation, the Intel Software Manager can be used to disable this:



Thanks Ron for this detailed answer. This helps a lot.




we are also concerned about 'data collection' in license.

This article is a bit old, but, can we still assume this collection is optional on 'opt-in' basis, and disabled when we choose 'no' for software improvement program? (especially about Media Server Studio 2017...)



Please refer to this updated articles on Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® System Studio Data Collection

Intel End User License Agreement (EULA) as well.

Specific questions on Media Server should be directed to this forum


Devorah - Intel® Developer Support

Hi Devorah,

I already checked EULA and the page you introduced, but could not find anything about Media Server Studio...

I will ask this at media forum.

Thanks a lot!

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