Moving licenses to another host

Moving licenses to another host

I plan to buy a license for c++ compiler, but my pc is very old, if i install the compiler on this pc, will i be cappable of moving the license from this pc to another one?, or would i needed to buy another license?i make this question because i am about to buy a new pc, but i need to compile C/C++ code, and I want to know if i can begin compiling in my actual pc and continue with the new one, in my particular situation it would be unworthy to buy 2 licences, i would preffer to wait until i bougth the new pc to install the software.

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There is no problem moving a license from one PC to another. For single-user licenses just copy the license file to the new PC, for node-locked and floating licenses you need to modify thehost id via the Intel Registration Center and create a new license file. During the transition period you can also have your license on the old and the new PC, but according to the end-user license agreement you can run the compiler only on one PC at a time.
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