Admin of Intel Software

Admin of Intel Software

Short question regarding admin of Intel Software.

Can acentralized license administrator forwards license files and updates to the individual users. Will theindividual users have any limitations installing the software themselves?

Any help in this regard will be appreciated


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Dear David,

Your question is quite confusing (need some details), but I will try to answer it in my understanding.

We have a feature in Registration Center called Serial Number User Management.
You may transfer the serial number to someone else within your email domain, and you may specify a second person to act as a serial number administrator per license.
The administrator will receive expiration notices and be able to transfer the serial number, but will not be entitled to use the software product.

If we are talking about Single User license, only one user is allowed to this type of license and this user should receive notifications about new updates.
Or the administrator for the license will do it (if configured). If you have many single user licenses, you can set the same administrator for each and it will be some
kind of centralized license administrator. He can transfer licenses and notify users about the updates.

Regarding your question about the individual users - no, they shouldn't have any limitations (except the limitations from the license agreement).
All they need is to have a valid license. By the way, I suggest you to take a look on floating licenses - in this way you need to configure a license server.
Guess it is a better solution in case you have many users.

Please let me know if you have other questions and need my assistance.


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