Need to download IPP 6.0 Crypto library

Need to download IPP 6.0 Crypto library

I need to download the IPP 6.0 Crypto library. The instructions say that I should ask here for help.

I am only licensed to use version 6.0 of the library, but I can only download version 7.0 through "My Intel Software Development Products". My product support expired, so I do not have an active Premier account.

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Even for the users who hold IPP 6.1 or below can download IPP cryto library by registering for eligibility, Yes you were right 7.0can be directly downloaded through registration center. Since you have your license expired i am not sure whether you can register as mentioned in step 5 onwards in the article that you mentioned. I would confirm you about this soon.

Sukruth H V

Any news, Sukruth? I am waiting on your answer.

I've gotten help in another thread.

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