Replace license server

Replace license server

I will retire current license server to be replaced by a new server with a new IP etc.

Is there a channel or proceedure?

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There is a knowledge base article describing how to modify license information in case of a server change: .
Please make sure to use the new Intel® License Manager for FLEXlm* 2.0 only: Download: .
If you need more help, don't hesitate to follow up.


First time posting...

I need replace the currrent FlexLM license server also.  I know the technical how's.  But my problem is the registration center will not accept my SN from the current licens file, saying the SN does not exist.

The product is the packaged compiler bundle of 2-token permanent floating licenses (from 2010) 

It is possible the my foprmer maganer had registered it before.   

How do I procedd in this case?

I hope this is not a hijack.  le me know if I should start a new thread.  

Can you tell me the SN? Hubert.

Do you still need help from my side? Please use 'Send Author A Message' button (to keep infor confidential) providing your serial number if you want me to check your license status. Hubert.

We had been using a triad configuration for our license servers. One of our servers died and we would like to switch this configuration so that the license file is on a new (not one of the previous license servers) computer. A computer expert that is trying to help us with this switch went to the intel website was able to change the license info for our account and to get a new license.dat file. He was able to run the license server on the new computer. According to the logs it is running ok. When he tries to install the intel compiler it says
"Validating License Server. It can take several minutes. Please wait..." . After that it does just hangs. Do you have any ideas about what we could be doing wrong? Thank you in advance for any recommendation.

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