Can't Manage Registered Software

Can't Manage Registered Software

I am having the same problem described at:

I've logged into the Intel Registration Center and I DO see a list of products I supposedly have registered under my name. Under the product subscription history I see the product serial number, SKU, etc.....  BUT Licenses and Purchases columns (i symbols) are locked out (says only admin of this serial number may perform this operation). I didn't see the "Manage" link for the associated serial number of the product in question nor "Modify Host Information" key.

I have the new HOSTNAME & HOST Id ready to submit for new Lic files but hitting a dead end.


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I'm sending you a private message. Please reply back with your serial number and new hostname and host ID information. I'll update it for you
Please note: do not post Serial number information to public. please reply vis private message only


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