Transfer of licenses between legal entities

Transfer of licenses between legal entities

My group works for a business unit, which is being acquired by a different company. We currently use single-user intel visual fortran licenses. The current company has no obejctions to transfer the licenses as a part of the acquisition. Is such a transfer allowed as per the license agreement with Intel? If yes, is there any documentation needed to facilitate the transfer?

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Have the license owners also been acquired by the new company? If yes, they can just change their email address and company name via Intel® Registration Center ( > My Account > Edit personal information. If the login is the old email address they can change it too via My Account > Change login ID or password.
If the old owners will no longer be the license owners in the new compnany they can first change their profile and then transfer the license via the 'Manage' tool in the Intel Registration Center. To get to 'Manage' login to the Intel Registration Center, select the product to be transferred. On the next screen you will see all associated licenses. Choose the serial number to be transferred, click 'Manage' and enter the new owner.
If the old license owners however will not be with the new company, written permissions are required from them to allow the license transfer. Read the chapter 'SOFTWARE TRANSFER' in the end-user license agreement you can find here:
If the latter is the case, please contact me again to arrange the license transfer.
Regards, Hubert.

Do you have an update? I'd like to help to transfer all licenses to the new company. If you have confidential information (written confirmation of current license owners who agree to the license transer) answer to me using the 'Send Author A Message' link to keep the information confidential.
Regards, Hubert.

You can transfer all your information and license as well should be legal and you can transfer your information to another person or comapny

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