transfer of license administrator

transfer of license administrator

How do we get a license transfered from one administrator to another.  The person currently assigned as the administrator is not with the company any longer.

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Hello Steven,

To transfer license administrator for a license:
1) Go to and log in.
2) This will take you to the My Products page.
3) Click on the product name for the license under “Product Subscription Information”
4) This will take you to the “Subscription History” page for that product.
5) Click on “Manage” for the serial number you wish to set an administrator for.
6) Scroll down to Serial Number User Management
7) For the Administrator role, click on “Change”
8) A popup will appear. Click “Ok”
9) Type the email address of the administrator in the “New User Email” box, and press the "Change" button below

Hello Annalee, I'm not able to get to this point, as I am not the original administrator for the product. It doesn't allow me to manage it. The person that was the original administator has left the company and we don't have their login info. Are you able to assign it to me?

Hello Steven,

If you know who all the license owners are, they can transfer the admin privileges to you by following the steps in my previous reply.


Hi Annalee,

The problem is The license owners do not work at our company any longer. We don't have access to their account info. We will need intel to transfer the license to my account.


Hi Steven,

So neither the license owners nor the current administrator work for your company? Transferring administrators is not standard, but we will try to help you.

Do you know the serial numbers for the licenses or have the account information for the current administrator? Please reply using "Send Author A message" in order to keep the account information confidential.


I am trying to get several licenses transferred to me. These licenses were formerly administered by people who no longer work here, and I have no access to their Intel
Account information. The only information I have is the License numbers themselves and the name of the person formerly responsible for the license.

I have looked at the web pages mentioned in your instructions above. When I loginto my account I see only information for old licenses which I no longer have responsibility for. The buttons on your web page instructions say to "click"on ("Manage, Send Author a message' ) do not appear on the webpage. The licenses I want to transfer were renewed last January/February as part of a bulk license renewal for the Nasa Langley Research Center. They have NOT EXPIRED.

I have written to Intel about this previously, and never received a reply. Can someone please help me with this problem?


Hi Sarah,

I will contact you shortly about this issue.

Intel Developer Support

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