Licensing problem on installation of old version fortran compiler

Licensing problem on installation of old version fortran compiler

Hello everyone

I got a licensing problem. These days I need to compile an old program using the old intel fortran compiler (ifort 9.0.033). So I follow to download l_fc_c_9.0.033. But during the installation I was told 'A valid FLEXlm license is required to install this product'. I have gave the path of *.lic following the step 7 in above link. What's the matter with it? Is the ifort 9.0.033 not active any more? How to fix this licensing problem. Thank you very much.

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A license for linux ifort which was valid at any time since the release of that version should be accepted. If you have the license file, the easiest way, supposing you are installing in the default /opt/intel/ path, is to copy the license file into /opt/intel/licenses/. Otherwise, the question about license file has to be answered by the full path of the license file (including the entire name of the file).
A correct source program should build OK with a current release of the compiler. The old compiler would be difficult to install on a current version of linux. The prerequisites include a full installation of 32-bit g++ including certain g++-3.3 libraries.

Which is the serial number of your license? Pls. reply by using the 'Send Author A Message' link to protect confidential data.
Regards, Hubert.

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