Intel® Advisor XE for Linux*

Intel® Advisor XE for Linux*

As a licensed Cluster Studio XE 2012 user, it seems I can not download Intel® Advisor XE for Linux*, although it appears in the download area in my account. Is it because it is a new product in XE 2013? 

Also could you confirm when you post the Cluster Studio XE 2013 whole package, will it contain Intel® Advisor XE for Linux*? Will my XE 2012 license work on this new product?

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The Intel® Advisor XE is a new tool included in the Intel® Cluster Studio XE 2013. Your 2012 license will not work with the Advixor XE, but there is a free upgrade option to convert your 2012 into a 2013 license which will support the Advisor XE. This upgrade is visible when you go to download the Cluster Studio XE 2013 from the Intel® Registration Center.

I'm surprised that you can see the Advisor XE in your download. That should not be the case if you have a Cluster Studio XE registration only which actually is still on version 2012. If you have other Intel® Studio XE 2013 based products in your registrations the Advisor XE of course is listed under those registrations.

As a regsitered user you will receive a notification when the Intel® Cluster Studio XE 2013 will be available for download. I' dont have information about the release date, but it will happen soon.

Regards, Hubert.

Thank you for the answer. Just for reference, see the attached screen shot, I do see the Intel Advisor XE for linux.


Downloadimage/png screen.png167.78 KB

Ok, you don't see Cluster Studio XE version 2013, you see components which are at a newer release level already than the full Cluster Studio package.
So, until Cluster Sutdio XE 2013 is available you can download and install the Advisor, Composer, Inspector, VTune Amplifier or Threading Libraries individually as individual updates to the existing Cluster Studio installation.

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