No download for Integrated Performance Primitives for OS X

No download for Integrated Performance Primitives for OS X

I have an active licence for OS X that expires on Jan 26 2013 yet when I try and download the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for OS X from the Intel Registration Center, I get the following message:

"The support period for your license has expired. To download this product update, you will need to purchase renewal licenses to extend your support from your expiration date (18 Dec 2011) to the build date of this product update (18 Oct 2012). Note that support for new renewal licenses will begin on 18 Dec 2011."

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I think I got your problem. You have so many 6-7 products registered, and 3 are under OSX*. you have by mistake, used wrong license file that has expiry support date of 18-12-2011.
also, you have another for SDP OSX* 2011, which expires in Jan 2013. you should use that latter one.
I have sent the license file correct one to your account. try using that one. also, note if you want to attach lic file for observation, or serial number, mention only in Private communication in the forum, which will be visible only internal people.

The problem still exists. If I go to the Intel Registration Center, click on My Products, and click Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives for OS X*, the license listed is not the current license. This problem only occurs for the Performance Primitives. All the other products under OS X show the correct license and I can download the product. Sending me the license file has no affect on what downloads are shown on under the Intel Registration Center only when installing the product.

Hi, I misunderstood that you are able to download the product, and get this issue while install. It is an issue. can you let me know if you trying to download IPP under the product under OSX* version 2011, or 1.0 . what are the rest of products that you see listed under OSX*. what products are listed under "My products". I hope, the product you are trying, to download has serial number that starts with SWC- . . also, possibly check with your reseller, if problem persists, what products you are entitled to.

Sent private e-mail

Sent private e-mail

IPP and MKL are not provided separately for OS X*, but only for other OSes.
So, you cannot download it separately in OSX*, but only for others.

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