Multiple Accounts Associated with Email Address

Multiple Accounts Associated with Email Address

I attempt to register 3 licenses of "Composer XE Linux" here: ... After filling in the information, I get the following error:

"We have determined that there are multiple Intel login accoutns associated with this email address. Please log in now to select the account you wish to use for your Intel Software Development Products Registration Center transactions."

Once I log into my account, I don't see anyplace obvious to me to allow me to delete other accounts. I am also not aware of any other accounts associated with my email.

Anyone run into this problem? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Andrew,

This is something that we will have to correct. I am working on this right now and will communicate with you via email.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

I have the same problem. I accidentally created a second account on the same email address. I also get the message that I should log into the account I want to user further on, but this does not work. When I try to register my renewal license my browser tells me that I am being redirected into nirvana. I also tried to contact Intel support several times, first in October last year. First answer was that I am using a support platform that is no longer in use, for my second question I did not receive any answer.
We paid for the license renewal so I should be able to use the compiler?!
Thanks for any help!

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