Canot register Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE

Canot register Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE

My company purchased the product and sent me an email with the Serial Number.

I followed the link:

When I enter the serial number, I get the following:


Thank you for supplying your renewal serial number XXXX-XXXXXXXX for the Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows product.  We are unable to match this serial number to a product in your account.  Support renewals must be applied to a product with currently active support services.  the following requirements apply to Support Services Renewals:

1. A previous product registration is required to register and receive a support renewal license file.  If you do not own the full version of a product, then you cannot register the renewal serial number and cannot obtain the required license file needed to use the product.  Similarly, if you have not registered your product at the Intel Software Development Products Registration Center, then you cannot register the renewal serial number until you register the full version.

2. Please note that the product name, support type and license type of your renewal must exactly match your oritinal license.  If you purchased a node-locked or floating license, the license count (number of seats) for your renewal must match the license count of the original.


I have spoken to many support people, clicked on all kinds of links, had an unsatifactory Live Chat and am told that this Forum is the only place that can help me.

Please help.



Roger Long


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Hi Roger,
I am sorry to hear you didn't get to this forum first. I need more information on what the serial number is etc., and will send you a private offline email and we can go from there towards a resolution. Appreciate your patience through this.

HI Roger,
Based on our offline conversations and getting this issue resolved, I am closing this thread as resolved (See below)
Thanks, Kittur - you can close out this issue! -Roger


How do I get my compiler registerd?

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