Purchasing Intel® Composer XE 2013 and using trial version

Purchasing Intel® Composer XE 2013 and using trial version

I would like to purchase a license for the student version of  Intel Composer XE 2013 for Windows, and I am wondering:

1. If I make the purchase online, can I immediately download the software and start working?

2.  If I cannot immediately download the software, would it be possible to use the trial version for a short while when waiting for my license to be generated?  Is the code generated by the trial version time-limited in any way?

3.  Can the trial version be transformed into a student version of Intel Composer XE 2013 by changing the license?

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The trial version is identical. You can continue using it, and when you get a new license you can put that license in the license folder and remove the old one.
If you are acquiring the license from a reseller, I hope the reseller will instruct you about download option.

Thanks, TimP; this is very much appreciated!

1. I would like to purchase the student version license online directly from Intel. I believe that there is a link from the main website giving this option for students and other academic customers. If I purchase the license online from Intel via the website, do I receive the license immediately by e-mail, or is there a few days processing time required before I receive the license?

2. If I download the trial version and also purchase a student license, can I obtain version 11.1 of the Intel Fortran compiler? I need version 11.1 of the Fortran compiler since this is the version supported by Matlab R2011a. Is version 11.1 downloadable from the website, and can I use the current student version license with this version?

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