Obtaining a license for older version of Fortran?

Obtaining a license for older version of Fortran?

Hi we have purchased 5x network licenses for Fortran Composer XE 2013.  We are having problem combining XE 2013 with an application called PS-CAD.  We have been advised to try the older Fortan Composer XE 2011.

I can download the 2011 version from the support site but cannot see where to obtain a license.  Should 2011 run using a 2013 network license, i/.e is the 2013 license backward compatible?  I tried the install 2011 but it would not accept our network 2013 floating license.


Jim Adamson


University of Aberdceen, UK

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I'll have a look at this.
Regards, Hubert.

2013 is backwards compatible. You can install and run any older Compiler with using a 2013 version license. Between 2013 and 2011 based products there should not be any incompatibility. When installing 2011 you should use activation mode 'use existing license' or 'use license server' and specify port@License_server_hostname. Using port@server however however takes some time until the connection is etablished and installation can go on; don't interrupt the installer even if it seems to hang during product activation.
If you still have problems, provide me with more information. Please send me a private message ('Send Author A Message'), add a screenshot and the license file you ussed on the server.
Regatrds, Hubert.

Hi Hubert,
Thanks for picking this up. We have 2011 working now with the 2013 floating license. We were using the incorrect network port number - too many apps :-) Thanks for the help.


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