upgrading to a newer (but eligible) version with subscription already ended

upgrading to a newer (but eligible) version with subscription already ended


We purchased 3 licences for Intel C++ Compiler (for both platforms: Linux&Windows) 2.5 years ago (version 11.1.072). As we doesn't develop UI this would serve us perfectly. But recently we've got an error message: /usr/include/c++/4.6/bits/stl_uninitialized.h(117):error:identifier "__is_trivial" is undefined. As we looked for the solution somewhere stated that the error was corrected by Intel in the version 12.0.05(?). We wanted to upgrade to the latest version which was available during our active subscription status (until may, 2011) but failed. From the webpage (registrationcenter.intel.com) we are able to download the 2011 C++ Composer XE Update 4 but it doesn't work with the old licence file and I couldn't activate because of the expired subscription. Theoretically we could download the Intel C++ Complicer 11.1 update 7 or update 8 because they were released during our subscription period but it unavailable on the web page. The only available version is the update 9 which was released later.

Please advise us what to do.

Is it possible to download the 11.1 update 7 or 8 (if it was release before may, 2011) version?

Is it possible to get the modified licence key for the version eligible for us?

Or the only solution to use newer version and get rid of the above mentioned bug to buy ether new subscription or new licences?


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Dear Mirko,

I guess you should be able to download at least the latest 11.1 package, which was published before the expiration date (Update 8 in your case).
I think that it can be a bug that Registration Center only shows you an Update 9, doesn't allow to download it (reasonable, because your license expired) and change it to Update 8. It should allow Update 8 to be downloaded. I will double check with engineers if it is a bug. Note that your license doesn't work with 2011 version - you need to update it. In your case it makes sense to purchase a new license.
I will be back shortly with an update.


Dear Igor,

Thak you for your answer. I appreciate your help.

Dear Mirko,

We support our 2 latest major releases (now 12.x and 13.x) in accordance with our policy.
That's why you can download any update packages for these versions.
For older versions, only the latest package is available, and you need to have a license which is expired after the publication date to download it. So, looks like in your case there is no way to get the package you need from Registration Center. A workaround can be to extend your expiration date, so, you can download the latest package. We are discussing this and I will be back with the final decision.


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