license server does not have a valid license to update C++ Compiler

license server does not have a valid license to update C++ Compiler

I am trying to install in a new linux computer  (SLES 11SP1) the last update of the Intel Cluster Studio available to my license, which expired ion 21 April 2012.

My license file looks as follows:


After downloading from Intel the last software allowed by my license (ICS 2012) I instaled it in the new machine. The license server is checked, and the instalation proceeds without error, but the C++ Composer is not instaled, only the Fortran Composer.

Again I tried downloading the last C++ Composer allowed by my license (2012 update 10). At the begining of the instalation process the license server is checked and the instalation can't proceed because  "license server does not have a valid license".

I have checked the license with lmdiag and everything checks fine including the CCompL license.

I think that some other packages are not installed either with the ICS due to the licensing problem, the IPP and MPI components.

¿How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Dear customer,

It is hard to detect what is wrong without logs and additional info. Please double check that that your firewall doesn't block corresponding ports and the license server info is correct (host id, mac address). If you can run a Fortran compiler, make sure that you don't have local Single User license on this machine and check that it actually checking out the license from server. If you can run Fortran compiler but can't even install C++ - that sounds odd. Do you have the same version of Fortran and C++ compilers? I mean is it also 12.0 Update 10?
There is a nice article to troubleshoot license server issues:

If you still having this issue, then it makes sense to collect logs as suggested in this article and provide us for the investigation. Unfortunately, there is no option on current version of this forum to make this thread private (we had it in the past), so, you will need to communicate directly by e-mail. I will send you an e-mail so that you can answer me.


Dear Igor.

Thanks for your fast answer.

I am installing the software in a clean server without any local license file. Also the license server is running fine because the installer can find the license for the Fortran component. Furthermore, when I try to install C++ 11.1, instead of an updated version, it checks fine.
The clearest example I can give you is when I install Intel Cluster Studio build 0. It checks the license server, without error, and procceds with intallation. But when I have a look at the components that are going to be installed it only lists:
- MPI Library 4.0 update 3
- MPI Benchmarks 3.2.3
- Trace Analizer
- Composer XE 2011 update 6:
- Fortran Compiler XE 12.1
- Math Kernel Library 10.3 update 6

C++ Compiler and IPP don't appear in the install summary.

I have set INTEL_LMD_DEBUG=1 and a line says: "(INTEL) Unable to initialize access to trusted storage: 2", but the lm server is started right.
The checks done by the ICS install script are not reflected in the lmgrd.log.

Please give me further instrucctions with what logs do I need to send you and email address.

Thank you.

I sent you an e-mail on Friday - please answer me by e-mail and attach logs which you got.
Also, what is the filename of the installation package you are using?


Dear Igor,

 I downloaded Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++ Linux* 30-days trail version . While installing I used second option " I want to evaluate my product or activate later ".
Then it shows following error.

Unable to init Trusted Storage. Please contact the support team to resolve this

Please help me to solve this issue.





Do you know a serial number of your eval license?

Regards, Hubert.

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