Intel C++ Composer XE - Evaluation on Linux

Intel C++ Composer XE - Evaluation on Linux

I would like to evaluate the Intel C++ Composer XE on Linux before licensing the software. I am however unable to download the evaluation version from the following URL Once I click on the "Linux version" link, I get the following error "Direct access to this page is not allowed". The webpage however allows me to download the windows version of the evaluation software.


  1. Could you please help me download an evaluatoin version of Intel C++ Composer XE on Linux?
  2. We already have 2x floating licenses for Intel C++ Composer XE on Windows. Since we are planning to support our software on both Windows and Linux, I was wondering if there was a licensing option available that would help us optimize the number of floating licenses that we would need to purchase across the two OS. 

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Hi Arvind,

Please go to Evaluation Center to get a 30-days EVAL license:

Click on Intel® C++ Composer XE 2013 for Linux link and follow the steps to get a license and download a product.
Regarding your question about the optimized number of floating licenses, I think that you need to contact your local reseller to help you with this.
From technical point of view, there is no this option (you can only purcahse a new licenses, delete old), but you can dicsuss it with the reseller and find a solution.


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