Need to reinstall FORTRAN after a disk-crash.

Need to reinstall FORTRAN after a disk-crash.

My disk crashed and with it I lost the Intel FORTRAN compiler. Now there is a new disk installed in the same PC. Can I reinstall the compiler in some way? I saved a backup of the installation folder onto another disk in the same PC. Could that be of some help? Regards, Ch

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If you registered your license at or have your serial number (part of the name of license file), you can download the installer file and re-install. If you don't have those, you may have to wait for further help which should come from this request.
It's probably possible to run from the copy of the installation, but not supported to the extent that full instructions are available.

That's correct. You can login to the registration center and download the product/resend the license to yourself and install accordingly. If not, please let us know and we can resend the license file etc.

Thank you both. When I bought the compile, then I received an email from Intel which told me how to download. I used that email, and the version 2013 automatically downloaded.

Many thanks!

Great to know Ch'G. Thanks for the confirmation.


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