Buy SSR Pre-expiry or SSR Post-expiry

Buy SSR Pre-expiry or SSR Post-expiry

My support period expired at 30 Jun 2012. Can I still buy a SSR Pre-expiry to get support and the newest versions until 30 Jun 2013?

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Sorry, you cannot get a Pre-expiry SSR any longer since support has expired already 6 months ago. But with a Post-Expiry SSR you will get actual support, i.e. support starts with date of purchase/registration. This means that you will effectively win 6 months of support (new expiration date would be 1/10/2014 if your ordered it today). Sounds good? Regards, Hubert.

Sorry, but it sounds not good, it sounds bad. My chief forgot to renew in june 2012 and because a Post Expiry SSR costs the double of a Pre-expiry SSR it's the best (cheepest) to wait until June 2013 and buy a Post Expiry SSR then. When we miss the right date in 2013 it will be even much more expensive. That's not very user friendly. Buying a Pre-expiry SSR (like it was possible before a Post Expiry SSR exists) was a much better solution. Now I have to look each day on my calendar. Very bad.

Yes, a Post-Expiry is double the price of a Pre-Expiry SSR. BUT the new Pre-Expiry SSR is ~2/3 of the price of an old SSR only!
So the price-/performance ratio for customers who renew in time is now much better. Our new Intel® Software Manager which comes with all new software development product releases helps to keep the overview of all active registrations and it issues a warnings once it comes towards the end of a subscription period.
But even with a Post-Expiry SSR the price-/performance ratio usually is better; the downside here for the user is that s/he may have to wait too long for product updates and support service renewals. I see you are in that situation, I'm sorry.
What you could do is to convince your purchase department to order the Post-Expiry SSR NOW since your situation is actually better than it would have been with the old renewal process.
Actually you have to pay $2099 (list price) for a Post-Expiry SSR which gives you support until Jan 2014.
If you had the chance to order an old SSR which was $1799 (list) you would have received support until 30 June 2013 only.
Regards, Hubert.

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