Finding old versions of the license manager

Finding old versions of the license manager

I'm trying to find a Linux license manager with a posted date before August 2012.  My support expired then and now I need to temporarily rebuild our old (decommissioned) environment.  I've been able to select the old version of the compiler but I can't find any place to download anything but the latest version of the license manager.

The original docs mentioned logging into the Intel Software Development Products Registration Center then select 'Search for older versions'.

Unfortunately, there is no longer any version options for the license manager.



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Dear Customer,

Even if your License is expire, you should still be able to download latest version of License manager. I dont think you need to look for previous versions only. You should still be able to use latest version. Let me know if there is any particular reason for you to look for newer version of LM




Hello - I am having the same issue.  I have an expired support contract, which is fine, I just want to install the license server on a new server.  I was able to recreat the license file no problem.  I see the software that I have downloaded in the past, but when I click on the Intel Software License Manager, it comes up with an error saying:

The support period for your license has expired. To download this product update, you will need to purchase renewal licenses to extend your support from your expiration date (08 Dec 2012) to the build date of this product update (16 Jan 2013). Note that support for new renewal licenses will begin on 08 Dec 2012.

I just want to download the license server installer - don't even care what version.  Please can someone help!

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