Invalid license for Static Analysis - evaluation with Fortran

Invalid license for Static Analysis - evaluation with Fortran

I have Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 running within Visual Studio 2012. I am trying to evaluate the Static Analysis function of the Fortran. It seems that it requires Intel Inspector XE. I have installed an evaluation copy of Inspector XE. The operation "Build project for Intel Static Analysis" completes without errors and tries to display the results in Inspector XE. The message "Invalid license for Static Analysis" is displayed by Inspector XE. What am I missing? Is some other component needed? The inpector tool can be started stand-alone and shows a valid evaluation license. Any help or insights will be appreciated.

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Static Analysis is a feature of Intel 'Studio' products such as Intel Fortran Studio XE 2013 for Windows.  So yes, you'll need an evaluation license for Intel Fortran Studio XE 2013 for Windows OR Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 for Windows.  I can send you such a license in email with instructions on how to install it.

This will allow you to test out Static Analysis.  But also I would recommend running Inspector's run-time memory checks.  That is also helpful.



It looks like your account is set up to not accept email.  No problem, just go to the eval center: and request an evaluation of Intel Parallel Studio XE OR intel Fortran Studio XE.  you do NOT need to download or install the full package.  We're only going after a new serial and license file for what you currently have installed.

there you will get a 'serial number'.  register that at

Next, read this article on retrieving a license for that serial number:

Once you have the license file, drop the .lic file into C:\Program Files(x86)\Common\Intel\Licenses

that should do it.


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