License check in / borrow

License check in / borrow


I have 2 licenses floating on a server for 2 users, works when they are at work but can't get them borrowed.
As I understand the default time for a check out is 7 days?

When our user compiles and check out a license it's immidetly checked in again even though we want it borrowed to that user for 5-7 days since he moves the computer around alot. I have tried setting the lmutil borrow but no luck.

Please advice!



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The BORROW feature needs be be enabled in the license file. Pls. have a look at the .lic file whether you can find a BORROW string. If not, modify the license as described here (you need to check the borrow enabling check box):

Borrowing a license is done as follows (e.g. with the Fortran Compiler):
- Install the lmutils on your client machine (part of the Intel(R) Software License Manager)
- On the client run the command:
> lmutil lmborrow INTEL 28-mar-2013 12:00
> ifort

It's important to run the tool you want to check out on the client while the client is still connected to the license server. After that you can disconnect the client from the network and the Fortran Compiler works without connection to the network for the period specified as end date (here 28-mar-2013).

To check borrow status on the client run:
> lmutil lmborrow -status
lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2012 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Vendor Feature Expiration
______ ________ __________
INTEL FCompW 28-Mar-13 11:59

On the license server you can check the status of the licenses which are borrowed. Borrowed licenses appear as check-ed out, such as:
10:34:07 (INTEL) OUT: "I868E8829" <user>@<client_machine>
10:34:07 (INTEL) OUT: "FCompW" <user>@<client_machine>
with no corresponding check-in log which would be (INTEL) IN: .......

Pls. have a try.
Let me know if you need more help.

Regards, Hubert.



I am trying to enable the "BORROW" capabilities, but I can't find the option to enable it in the License Manager (web).

So, it is possible to activate the borrowing?




Hi Allan,

Please see

If you have additional questions regarding this, please start a new thread.

Regards, Hal

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