No new license file after support renewal for Intel Visual Fortran

No new license file after support renewal for Intel Visual Fortran

After support renewal of my Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE license and registering in the registration center I did not receive a new license file through the email as usual.

I also noticed that the serial number of my license remained the same after support renewal (in the past I always received a new serial number).

When I log in on the registration center and check my products, I see in the subscription history that the expiration date has been updated, but when I click manage license I can see that the license file is still the old one with the old (expired) expiration date. Also when I request to resend my license file I will receive an email with the old license file.

Any help is appreciated.

kind regards,

Walter Kramer

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Hi Walter,

I've issued a new license file to you.  It should have the right expiration date.  Please let me know if you still see old expiration date in it.

Thank you.
Feilong H.
Intel Developer Support

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Hello Feilong,

The expiration date is OK now.

Thank you,

Walter Kramer


I'm glad to hear that.  Have a good day.


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