Did not receive a license file

Did not receive a license file

I have recently purchased a paid license to upgrade from an eval license. According to one set of instructions I found on support site, I am supposed to receive a new license file as soon as I register, but I have not received it. According to another set of instructions I should seach for a binary activate on my Linux system and run it -- I searched and could not find it.

And just to vent my frustration -- I have never had such hard time navigating a support system. It seems to have been designed by aliens.

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Dear Customer,

Did you receive any registration notification email after your registration? I just resent you the email. If the license is the same one you are looking for, please follow the link in the bottom of the email "If you require your product license file to install the software, please complete the online registration step to first accept the End User License Agreement(EULA)."

There must be some adjustment on how to get the license file. Sorry for any inconvenience from those changes.

Please let me know if you need more assistance.

Thank you



Dear Yolanda,

Thank you so much. I did not see the section until now. I copied the file, set read permissions and now everything appears to be working fine.


Misha Sushchik.

Hi, Misha

You're welcome. I'm very glad to hear your issue is resolved.

Have a good day!

Thank you


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