Renewing my license

Renewing my license

I received a license to use Intel® C++ Composer XE for Linux for free. Subsequently the license expired after one year. I would like to extend the free license so I can download updates and new releases of Intel C++. How do I do that ?

The purpose of the license is to be able to test out my Boost library with Intel C++ as well as other Boost libraries. In other words the purpose of the library is strictly for non-commercial use. I am active in the Boost community and am a first-rate C++ developer. Testing Intel C++ for with Boost libraries is helpful to Intel C++ since Boost is often on the cutting edge of C++ standard technology.

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I am having the same issue and I would be glad if intel could help us to extend the license.

Thank you very much



Free licenses are usually non-renewable.  You will need to apply for a new license at

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