Regarding IXA SDK 4.3

Regarding IXA SDK 4.3


We are using IXP 2800 NPU's for our line card. When we purchased the NPU's from Intel, we were provided with the intel IXA SDK 4.3, development and debugging kit. Almost every devleoper in the organization is using it. The SDK kit came with 2 zip files , which had both windows and linux executables.

At organization to bring in common sync in the build environment we are planning to install the IXA SDK (Linux version) in our VOB (Clearcase servers) Machines. Do we need to any permission from intel before doing this? or any special licensing are involved. Can somebody please help in this regard. I have send multiple mails to support, but since not much activity are going over IXP i did not got proper response.


Shaffath S

Senior Technical lead

HCL-CISCO, Chennai, India.

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Hello, Shaffath

When you bought the IXP 2800 NPU ? The IXP2800 chip is now in the hand of the Netronome Corporation.

Hi, Its been a history.

We are using IXP on our line card from 2007 and before. The IXA SDK which intel gave us had both linux and windows compiler variant. Till date we were using windows SDK to compile and debug. But to bring in sync we thought of having SDK in vob, and since intel has given us the linux variant as well we thought of installing in a linux clearcase machines. But before that we thought of checking with intel, is there any license violation in doing this activity.

Hi Shaffat,

I traced to some folks from my peer group who are familiar with this product. Their response is as follows:

1.  The NPU and IXA was EOL in 2007.
2.  The SDK installation requires a click through license for installation of the Workbench on Windows. For Linux install, there is a base GPL release plus firmware and framework GPL package.
      The following from the SDK 4.3 release note should help:
            “IXA SDK 4.3 GA release some of the source code files pertaining to Linux Kernels in this package have been released under BSD. Please refer to individual     Copyright Banners in the source code files for further information as to the specific files. The remaining files of the SDK 4.3 are governed by Intel's SDK License.”

3.  Also, refer to the Readme.txt file that you can find in the SDK_NPE_4.3.0_GA_REL_MINI_BASE_GPL_2006-04-14.tar package that contains the license and distribution information (GPL copyright notice) which should answer your question.


Hope the above helps?


Thanks a lot Kittur Ganesh,

That helped a lot.

Hi Kittur Ganesh,

Iam Rajesh Goel from Cisco ( We are struggling to get IXP2800 installation guidelines.  I have got two CD contents. 



Please help me installing the IXP2800 workbench. We need this for our one of old product line support SAMI. We got a critical field issue and we need to work out the solution. We had this installed in our systems earlier, but people having the expertise have left the company.

Please help. If possible please help me get the direct support contact no. where i can call and get help.



Rajesh Goel


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