Intel Licence Manager for FLEXlm - expired support period

Intel Licence Manager for FLEXlm - expired support period


Our support period for Composer XE C++/Fortran has expired, so I understand not being able to download the latest versions (i.e. anything past our expiration date.)

We are migrating licenses to a new server (decomissioning the old one), so we need to:

- change the license to a new host.  This seems possible from

and clicking through to specific products, and selecting 'manage license'

- Obtain a copy of the flexlm license manager.

This is more tricky.  The only option to download seems to be 'latest version', which we're not entitled to.

If someone knows / can provide a link or method for accessing older versions of the software (to which we're entitled), that would be much appreciated.

Best regards,


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I'm not sure what you exactly are asking for. Do you want to download the license manger?
Have you successfully modified license information of your expired floating license?
Regards, Hubert.

Hi Hubert,

I have not yet successfully modified the expired license (I'm not yet sure of where we're going to move the license to/flexlm hostid),

I want to :

- download the latest copy of the license manager that we're entitled to

- modify the license to be able to run off a new host.

I can't download the license manager, because the download pages only show the most recent copy of the license manager to download, which is not within my entitlement.

If there's an archive of "previous version of the license manager" somewhere in the download pages, or if you could arrange for the version of the license manager available on or before 07 May, 2011 to be made available for download, that would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,


Once you decided which the new license server will be let me know the platform and OS so that I can upload a suitable older license manager for you.
Regards, Hubert. 

Hi Hubert,

Thank you for your response!

I'm obtaining the OS / details of the host we will be running the license manager on.

We have two products:

- Intel C++ XE license

- Intel Fortran XE product

...Can the two products licenses be served frmo the same host with the same license manager daemon,

or would they require two license manager daemons,

or would they require two separate license hosts,

or would it be possible to merge the licenses somehow?


The Intel License Manager can server any kind and number of licenses. You can either specify a license path including all individual license files or merge all licenses into one single license file. It wouldn't be possible to run more than one instances of the Intel License Manager per system.

Hi Hubert,

Would you be able to assist further with this?

The server that would be hosting the intel flexlm licenses would be MS windows server 2008 (64 bit)

For reference, the MAC address would be 005056826B29,

and we have two licenses tied to our profile, one for Intel C++ composer XE, one for Intel Fortran Composer XE.

(Can provide the serial/SKU via email if needed)

I Think we need:

Our licenses modified to run off that MAC address/flexlm hostid, and

The latest copy of the intel vendor daemon we're entitled to for that platform.

Thanks in advance for your help (again),



I sent you an older version of the Intel Software License Manager (ISL) that should work with your licenses. I attached also a new combined license file. Please modify the server name in the license file; you can do that with any editor.

The password to extract the .zip file is: Intel1!

The email was sent to the license owner address

Regards, Hubert

Thank you very much, Hubert.

We've recieved the license files, and will be putting them onto our new license server soon.

Thank you so very much for your help!


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