Licensing issue

Licensing issue

To Intel support team,

we bought two licenses for Intel Composer XE both C++ and Fortran some time ago, but actually tried to install only now. Now met the problem that both serial numbers have been registred with the email which we don't have access to and since no idea what was the password set, we can't receive license files. We need ones for setup with License Manger.

Contacted our local re-seller, but none has access to database and thus can't neither replace email with a correct one that we have access to, or reset the password. Re-seller recommended post the problem on Intel's Forum.

I didn't find any license/registration specific forum brach, and though taht I can post it over here.

Also tried to drop an email to Intel Premium Support, but no luck, three of emails just got ignored.

We can provide any additional info, like serial numbers and so on, just let me know who can help in this situation.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hello Ivan,

I am transferring this issue to the Download, Licensing, and Registration forum. Someone on that forum will be able to help you shortly.


To Intel guys, anyone on that? I've got a request to send my serial numbers by Sridevi (Intel), I did, but got no reply since that.

Any help is appreciated. To be honest I'm a bit already disappointed about Intel's customer service.

To Intel support.

Anyone on that?

Hello Ivan,

Just to confirm that you intend to transfer the two license files to the email mentioned in the private messages and then modify the passward for this email,right? Actually ,you can get more prompt reply with your Primier Support when you have registered you license files.

Thank you.
Qiaomin QIao
Intel Developer Support

Yes, replacing the email with another one and reseting the password.

I've tried to contact Premium support, they forwarded me to a local reseller. We our local reseller replied that they have no accees to Intel's databases and can't change the email, I've sent to Intel support three more emails, but none was replied. This forum is my only hope to get it solved.

T. Ivan

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