Serial number already been registered

Serial number already been registered


Our system administrator retired last year.
He registered our Intel Compiler 3 years ago but I have no access to his account.
So I tried to create a new account and register the product again to have support but I can't
("Our records indicate that the serial number you provided has already been registered. Please check your records and try again)
How can I have support for this kind of trouble ?


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in this scenario we can transfer ownership of the license to you.  i will work in private messages with you to accomplish this.


transferred license.closing.


I have same issue, please contact me - --- is it possible to have more than one POC ?

I have the same problem: I registered Intel® C++ Composer XE for Linux* in 2011, received the license, but the system does not recognize the email I used for that registration ("please enter a valid email address"). I have an account which has a "valid email address" so I'd like to transfer the license to that account.



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